Christmas For Our Troops 2019

Welcome to Christmas for Our Troops 2019!
We are committed to sending holiday themed boxes to our troops for Christmas 2019. In partnering with Step Up for Soldiers and other local businesses, we will ensure that our troops get a little bit of home for the Christmas Holiday season. We’ll be collecting items and sending them to our military men and women overseas!

How Can You Help?

Friday, Oct 11—Tuesday, Nov 12 We will be holding donation drives!
  1. ITEMS: There’s a very specific Christmas for Our Troops Donation List of items that can go into these packages, since we’ll be shipping them far far away. Please reference the accepted donated items list for ideas, and be sure the items are travel size.
    1. Donating Drives:
      1. October 11th 3-5pm – Piggly Wiggly in Leland
      2. October 15th 12-6pm – Stone Theaters in the Pointe 14
      3. October 16th 6-8pm – Your Pie off of Oleander Dr
      4. October 20th 1-3pm – Lowe’s Food on Carolina Beach Rd
      5. October 25th 11am – 1pm – Piggly Wiggly in Leland
      6. October 25th 2-4pm – Junky Monkey N Kerr Ave, Wilmington
      7. October 29th 5-7pm – Krispy Kreme on S College Rd
      8. November 7th 11am – 1pm – Piggly Wiggly in Leland
      9. November 9th 11am – 1pm – Piggly Wiggly in Leland
      10. November 12th 6-8pm – The Felix Cafe Finale Party off of S College and Carolina Beach Rd
    2. Places to donate items (during individual stores’ business hours) starting on September 30th and ending November 13th:
      1. Our Studios – 3233 Burnt Mill Dr, Suite 4, Wilmington
      2. UPS Store in Leland
      3. Junky Monkey
      4. The Felix Cafe
  2. MONEY: Our Postage Fund is how we will be paying for the shipping. Each package cost about $14 to send, how many packages would YOU like to help send?
    1. Please click HERE to donate. (Link will be active 9/30-11/12)

On Thursday, November 14, 2018, we’ll be taking all of your donations and turning them into holiday packages at our partner’s facility; The UPS Store on Oleander; behind Dunkin’! By the following day, we’ll be able to share with our community the number of boxes you all sent to the our beloved men and women who are serving!


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